Misago RX Stent for Peripheral Arteries Now Available

Terumo is releasing in the U.S. its Misago RX self-expanding peripheral stent for treatment of stenoses and occlusions in the superficial femoral and proximal poplitea arteries. The bare stent is made of nitinol, a common shape memory alloy used for such applications.

The stent is deployed using a thumbwheel, so you don’t need an extra set of hands as with some oother delivery devices. Because of its high flexibility, the stent has shown to be easily positioned across different lesions while and maintaining its strength over considerable time periods.

-Sustained patency of 82.9% as measured at one-year using Kaplan-Meier analysis (PSVR of less than or equal 2.4).
-88.6% freedom from target lesion revascularization, as measured at one-year using Kaplan-Meier analysis.