Beckman Coulter has unveiled its new random access molecular diagnostics system, the VERIS MDx, at the European Conference on Clinincal Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) in Barcelona this week. The VERIS MDx system and VERIS CMV assay received CE mark earlier this year.

The system offers automated nucleic acid extraction, purification, amplification, and detection. It accepts several sample containers for plasma, serum and culture tubes. 48 samples can be lined up on 12 racks of 4 samples each. The time to result for DNA tests is around 70 minutes and for RNA tests a little longer, around 100 minutes, because PCR amplification only works on DNA and therefore you must reverse-transcribe to cDNA first. For multiplex analysis five different detection colors available with a bandwidth of 505 to 720 nm. The onboard capacity consists of 96 extraction and purification cartridges and reagents are covered for 20 assays with 48 tests per assay. Reagents are stable in the machine for up to 14 days.

By providing continuous access, one-step loading, and individual test reporting, results are immediately available and you don’t have to wait with a batch of samples for the late arrivals from the other side of the hospital.

The first application that attained CE Mark for this device is the Cytomegalovirus (CMV) assay. This assay is intended for use in monitoring CMV viral loads in transplant, immunocompromised, or other patients at risk for virus reactivation or disease. Quantitative or qualitative results can be produced, and quantitative results can be reported in IU/mL and log copies/mL. Other assays in development for the VERIS system include quantitative HIV, HCV, and HBV and qualitative CT/NG, MRSA, C.diff, and HPV.

Source:Beckman Coulter