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Electric Shock Could Help Slow Dementia

By C21 Editorial / April 24, 2015

AN ELECTRIC shock could help keep dementia at bay, Singapore scientists say....

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Conditions Of Mobile Clinic Services Unsatisfactory

By C21 Editorial / April 23, 2015

AN examination area for women without privacy. A makeshift wooden ladder connecting a jetty and a boat that could endanger a pregnant woman’s...

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Malaysia Needs 220 Oncologists, Health Minister Says

By C21 Editorial / April 22, 2015

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia needs another 220 oncologists to treat optimal level of cancer patients based on the 28 million total population in the country....

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Indonesian Women Prefer To Give Birth In Malaysian Hospitals

By C21 Editorial / April 21, 2015

JAKARTA - Many Indonesian women who live in areas near the border with Sarawak are choosing to give birth in Malaysia....

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Ministry: More Medical Assistants Soon

By C21 Editorial / April 20, 2015

PUTRAJAYA: The Health Ministry wants to increase the number of medical assistants in the country because there is a nationwide shortage....

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GST in Healthcare

By C21 Editorial / April 17, 2015

While healthcare is generally supposed to be exempt from the upcoming GST, the reality is more complicated....

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