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Pharmaceutical Companies Attracting Investors Amid Debate

By C21 Editorial / March 31, 2015

PETALING JAYA - The current debate about who should dispense drugs – pharmacists or doctors – has ignited interest in certain drugs...

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Masterskill Plans To Run Nursing School In Saudi Arabia

By C21 Editorial / March 30, 2015

PETALING JAYA - Masterskill Education Group Bhd (MEGB) has proposed forming a joint-venture (JV) vehicle with Crescent Point for Training Co Ltd (CPT)...

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Japanese Robot Bear Nurses Soon To Care For Rapidly Ageing Population

By C21 Editorial / March 27, 2015

Japanese research institute Riken developed the Robear to support healthcare workers, with enough power to lift frail patients from bed and support...

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Health Ministry Still Unsure About ‘pharmacists Dispense’ Plan

By C21 Editorial / March 26, 2015

The Health Ministry has yet to decide on the proposal for doctors to diagnose while pharmacists dispense medicine, its minister, Datuk Seri S....

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Penang Focuses On Expanding Healthcare Service In Public Hospitals

By C21 Editorial / March 25, 2015

The Penang Government is focusing on expanding the healthcare service, especially at public hospitals as it is a critical sector in the state....

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Separate Pharmacies From Clinics Would Burden Patients: Tun M

By C21 Editorial / March 24, 2015

SERDANG - Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed today spoke out against a proposed plan to separate pharmacies from clinics, saying that it...

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